Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Wikis- I like pbwiki!

I've been using a wiki for Technical Services procedures with my staff for the last 8 months. It runs on pbwiki and was so easy to set up and modify. I haven't used any bells or whistles, and the formatting can be problemmatic-especially when you cut and paste word documents. But it is a great place to store lists, problems, and current procedures, instead of trying to remember which version of the document includes the latest work flows updates. And staff who like to work from written documents can print out the information.

I just looked at very quick wiki but it looks like it might take some time to figure out. So I am going back to pbwiki to do a shower planning wiki for a group of friends from India to England to several US states. The wiki will allow us to plan the event (we are doing a virtual shower) and then track gifts so that there isn't too much duplication.

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Natalie said...

ooh, thanks for the tip! I've been wanting to introduce wiki's at work for process docs 'n things. I'll keep this one in mind. Just found my way over from ravelry and saying hi!