Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Library thing and Good reads

I decided to track all of the books I am reading in 2008-and I don't think either one of these is going to do what I want. I set up a Good Reads account last week but I found the searching and adding one title at a time way too cumbersome for my purposes. Why can't I add all the Harry Potter books in a group?

So today I tried Library thing and it's MUCH better. I can scan in the ISBNs and get the book immediately-it's so much faster than Good reads. So I added 7 books off my reading shelf at work and I will rate them as I finish reading them. This is also quicker than typing them by hand on the side of my blog, AND I also have much more information about each book at hand. So I actually like this one:

Worldcat.org also has a way to keep book lists and their database is probably the most comprehensive. Plus I use that database frequently. But I am good with Library Thing for now. first.

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