Thursday, March 20, 2008

Cool tools- I am a genius but we already knew that!

For the blog readability test (, my blog is rated at Genius as shown by the new button on my site. So far everyone else who's done it has also gotten a genius rating which makes me a little doubtful about the validity of the tool.

On Wordshoot (supposed to improve my typing skills)- I can type really quickly with hunt and peck so I kept going until there were words coming from all 4 directions and then I stopped. Still I got a score of 13000 and 94% accuracy. Didn't improve my keying at all though.

Yahoo Answers ( ) I am appalled at kinds of questions being asked--if your mobile phone is not working shouldn't you contact your phone provider instead of posting a question on an open site. And I am appalled at the fact that I got lots of points for typing answers that I made up to random questions. At least Wikipedia has some controls just because of the way it's structured. I can't imagine having the time to post a questions and then wait for random answers. I did think about trying to answer 50 or 100 questions with a link to FVRL or ask your local library! It would be more useful than what's on there now!


outside said...

Don't be doubtful, library employees ARE geniuses!

teabird said...

I am embarrassed to say that my blog rated as Elementary School. I