Tuesday, March 25, 2008


I already have Pandora account for Bob Marley music--it's okay but I don't get to choose my songs-they come up with a mix of songs that is "like" Bob Marley--and some are NOT really like Bob Marley at all. Then I have to tell them never to play that song again. And hope that the mix includes songs I like. (This one is free but you have to log in).

So I decided to try last.fm to see the differences. I like it much better-not only can I choose the songs I want to listen to, I also get to watch videos. I even recognize many of the scenes from Kingston and the Jamaican countryside, which is great. It's also amazing to see shots of a very young Bob Marley singing- even if the tape quality is not very good. Then there are some vidoes by wannabees that are horrible! After Bob Marley I moved on to Jimmy Cliff! (You can create an accoutn but you don't have to to hear full tracks). THE WINNER BY FAR

IMEEM- won't let me hear more than 2 bars unless I am logged in- I don't like the way it's set up.

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