Wednesday, March 26, 2008


I used the map maship to link to twitterers in Vancouver. Haven't found anyone I recognize yet! Including myself, since I clearly didn't put in enough info to find myself on the map:

I set up my account and I tried it for a day and a half- borring! I can't imagine anyone wanting to do it or to read it. I did talk one person into following me but I am pretty sure she is not reading my snippets! This might work if we were doing an into knitting class and had people twitter their ideas, problems, and questions between the classes. I've also read that it's a good tool to use to share learning when several people are at a conference. But since it's not interactive, I don't get the appeal.

A potential use for libraries from one of the articles: Another bright side is the incredible attention the library is receiving by developing the twitter feed. Really, it's not much different from many news organizations dumping their news stories into twitter. I think the discussion on how useless it was led to the attention since I found a simple practical use.

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