Thursday, May 21, 2009

My garden is blooming

HJ and Matilda in Sarah's Garden
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Here are some of my out of town Ravelry vistors- Hoppin' John is from Maryland and is currently touring the US. Matilda is from Australia and fell madly in love with John when she met him at the Knit and Crochet Show in Portland, OR last week. Now they are travelling together- they returned to Colorado with my other Rav friend who came to attend the show.

Got lots of ideas for knitting and crochet at the show and i picked back up my February lady sweater to work on. i am wanting to do more clothing and perhaps even some designing of my own.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Socks are done!

Finished my first pair of adult socks! They fit me perfectly and are nice and warm for all the rainy days we get here.

I am up to 75 books also-still reading mostly mysteries and there are alot of new books by my favorite authors out this quarter.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

New books, socks, sweaters and gardens

This is turning out to be a good year for new books by some of my favorite authors! And I am also enjoying books by some authors that are new to me. That's the fun of browsing, and reading recommendations from others-- there is always something new to try!

On the knitting front I am almost finished with my first big girl sock, and about 20% through my first sweater. But it's spring and gardening is distracting me from knitting!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Knitting socks and reading books!

Books in April:

61) **Enchanter's end game**- by David Eddings; read by Cameron Beierle- **4.75**-this is one of my standby series-fantasy-I re-read at least once a year.
60) **The 27 ingredient chili con carne murders** by Nancy Pickard--**3**- I like the heroine better in Arizona but still more a beach read for me.
59) **Bleeding Hearts** by Ian Rankin- audiobook- **3.5**--not Inspector Rebus-this one has a nice seeming assassin and a slimeball NY detective who's after him. It was fun.
58) **Coffin's ghost** by Gwendoline Butler--**3-** another English detective- Commander John Coffin-an okay read (April 2)
57) **The Salton Killings** by Sally Spencer--**4**--good solid English countryside murder investigation in Salton (salt pit)-I always enjoy Chief Inspector Woodend (April 1)

I made a pair of feeties, a pair of worsted weight socks and now I am making a pair of socks from sock yarn!

Monday, March 30, 2009

My first sock and up to book 54

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So I have completed 54 books through March 28 (aiming to get to 60 this month) and made my first sock!!! It's a teeny one but it has all the parts and helped me understand sock construction.

New books:
52) The Blue Corn Murders– by Nancy Pickard–4–a nice comforting mystery with strong women and interesting scenery
53) Odd Thomas - By Dean Koontz–4- my first book by Dean Koontz and I liked it
54) Execution Dock– by Anne Perry–4.5–the latest Monk book and excellent as always–as I read in a review “exquisite period detail” brilliant, page-turning thriller-I read it in one day- could not put it down.

55) Dexter in the dark by Jeffry P Lindsay- audiobook-4.5--just as good as the first one

Friday, March 20, 2009

I reached 50 books this year!!!! And March is not over

And I have reached the second buttonhole on my February Lady Sweater-the first sweater I have kniot for myself as an adult.

48) **Appointed to Die** by Kate Charles- **4.5**- David and Lucy and the horrendous dean
49) **Heartstopper** by Joy Fielding-- audiobook--**3.0**-- it was too long and too many side plots-but a nice surprise ending
50) **Knit Two** by Kate Jacobs--**4.5**- I thought at first I wasn't going to like this one and then I realized that I really did!!! So much so that I've read it in less than a day.
51) One false note-- by Gordon Korman--3.5-- audiobook- 2nd book in the 39 clues juvenile series-I borrowed the first book from my 9 yr old nephew at Christmas-2 orphans are following clues all over the globe that focus on famous people who are supposedly related tot heir family- this one is about Mozart-in Germany and Venice. I am going to check to see if my nephew has learned anythign from following the clues.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Springtime Lace

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I am still knitting away-now making lacy knit fingerless mitts for my daughter to wear in a lovely spring green

New author/old friend

I am up to 46 books by mid-March- so I will reach 52 this month. Stephen White is a new author to me and I like the 2 books I have read. And a comfort book this times as well from David Eddings fantasy series The Belgariad-I've read this one at least 10 times.

43) Dead Time by Stephen White- 3.75- new author-couple is psych and DA-and there is also the cop friend- a fairly common formula with some differences, including the setting in Boulder, CO
44) Secret Sins by Kate Charles- 4.5- more C of E murders-I especially liked the characters in this one.
45) Magician’s Gambit by David Eddings- audiobook-5– my comfort books- re-read for at least the 10th time
46) Dry Ice by Stephen White- 4.5- this one preceeds Dead Time and I wish I had read it first
47)Appointed to die by Kate Charles--4.5-- this time the C of E setting is even more self-contained-Malbury Cathedral- where a new dean radically upsets everything- new characters and old mix with David and Lucy

Monday, March 9, 2009

More March Reading-5 books in March so far

#39--Evil Intent by Kate Charles- 4–another Church of England liturgical mystery-
a series of mysteries that occur in different Church of England parishes- the cast of characters changes but usually contains some of the same people although in different roles or situations-and the religious background (with prejudices and dogmatism and the infighting of the papists versus the "real" church) makes a great backdrop for rich character and plot development. These books are all about the characters and how they live and behave in a fairly regimented situation– I have enjoyed all that I have read so far!

#40-- Among the Mad by Jacqueline Winspear- 4.75- the latest Maisie Dobbs mystery takes place over Christmas/New years 1931-32. It’s interesting to see what has and hasn’t changed about “asylums.”As always, she gives us a masterful picture of the times as well as an indepth look at how society of the time treated the war-wounded and others whose minds were damaged by everyday life. It’s also a fascinating look at how WWI impacted the understanding of traumas and war and psychology. All of her books are superb and well worth reading and re-reading.

#41--Uncoffin’d Clay by Gladys Mitchell- 3--an English countryside mystery very much in the Agatha Christie vein, including some of her racism. It was okay but I won’t search this author out again.

#42--A dead man out of mind by Kate Charles-- 4---another Ecclesiastical murder

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

February Fingerless Gloves KnitAlong

Cast on February 2 and finished on February 28th!

Monday, March 2, 2009

My traveling scarf returned

I sent this off in September 2009- and it traveled to 5 friends around the US- all of whom added sections in nicely matching colors- before it came back to me in late Feb 2009!

Above is a picture of the whole scarf

Reading and knitting in March 2009

Yesterday I cast on the fingerless glove pattern for March- Swan Maiden- a lacy glove in tiny, tiny lace-weight yarn.

And I finshed my first book for March (Book #38 for the year)--

The world according to Bertie- by Alexander McCall Smith- 4

-I love this series (44 Scotland Street) and especially Bertie, the 6 yr old genius tyranized by his mother. This book has some interesting developments that may bode well for Bertie--and Bruce gets his comeuppance! Funny, tender, lively social commentary on Edinburgh written by someone who clearly loves the city.

Finished my Feb Knit along ......

and read 19 books in February!!! The last two were-


Run for your life : a novel-by James Patterson; Michael Ledwidge-- I like the characters (Mike Bennett and his brood of adopted kids) but these books are more and more like plot outlines and less like real books

and brilliant--
Darkly dreaming Dexter-by Jeffry P Lindsay; Nick Landrum; Recorded Books, Inc.; NetLibrary, Inc.- this is indeed very dark, but also well-written, absorbing, and surprising. Also disturbing, but I can see why it’s gotten such rave reviews.

The Knit Along was a very elaborate fingerless glove pattern. I also got my traveling scarf back--photos of bot to follow soon.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Reading more books-can I reach 40 in February??

Feb 22-28, 2009

Inkdeath- by Cornelia Caroline Funke- audiobook- on a scale of 1-5 this is at least a 10!! Love the series, loved this book, It's one I will be re-reading again and again.

A drink of deadly wine-by Kate Charles--4--this author may move soon to my favorite writers list but I'll have to read a couple more to see if the quality is consistent. I like ecclesiastical mysteries because the well-defined background is a good medium for displaying interesting characters and situations. An excellent book.

Waltz with Bashir : a Lebanon war story- by Ari Folman- Graphic novel-4

Book #34---The museum of lost wonder-by Jeff Hoke- 5--this is a wonderful book- one to buy and play with over and over. It would be fun to explore with kids and other adults. Illustrations, handouts, quotations-overall a lovely book!

Book #35--The snares of death--by Kate Charles--3.75--I do like ecclesiastical mysteries- there just seems to be more scope for portraying all kinds of characters against the prejudices of different sects

Thursday, February 19, 2009

52 books in 52 weeks (continued)

Or maybe 252 books in 52 weeks? It is possible

*Feb 15-21

27) Queen of sorcery- by David Eddings - audiobook--**4.5**-- *this is a multiple re-read for me-quintessential fantasy in the vein of Lord of the Rings*
28) Lee Child- The Hard Way-- **4** *my first Jack Reacher book and I liked it-he's ex CIA helping out people- nice plot twists*
29) Kate Morgenroth- They Did it with Love--**4.5**- *another new author for me-on the surface just another womens' book club mystery-- but there are some real depths to this one*
30) Michael Palmer- The Second Opinion-- **3.5**-- a medical mystery with interesting insights into Asperger's-easy and enjoyable read

Monday, February 2, 2009

52 books in 52 weeks- Feb 2009

I read 18 books in January and I am aiming for at least 20 in Feb!
These are all reviewed at least briefly on my World Cat listings. Ratings below are from 1 (not recommended) to 5 (loved it)

*Feb 1-7

The lake of dead languages-by Carol Goodman--4
Mounting fears--by Stuart Woods-- 3.25
Fleece Navidad--by Maggie Sefton--2
The Listerdale mystery and eleven other stories- by Agatha Christie (audiobook)- 3
Show no fear--by Perri O'Shaughnessy -- 3
The seduction of water--by Carol Goodman-- 4.5
Queen of sorcery- by David Eddings - audiobook–4.5– this is a multiple re-read for me

*Feb 8-14

Saturday, January 31, 2009

52 books in 52 weeks

Yes- I am going to do it! Although starting late to document my reading for 2009, I have already read at least 10 books in January so I am well ahead of the curve. I really want to see how many more books than 100 I usually read in a year so this will be a good way to track that!
These are all reviewed at least briefly on my World Cat listings. Ratings below are from 1 (not recommended) to 5 (loved it)

Favorites were PD James- The Private Patient and Louise Penny- A Rule Against Murder


*Jan 4-10, 2009

Plum lucky by Janet Evanovich- 4
The book thief- by Markus Zusak-- 4+
The book of lost things by John Connolly- 4+

*Jan 11-17, 2009
A face at the window by Sarah Graves- 3
What angels fear by C S Harris- 3.5
Where serpents sleep : a Sebastian St. Cyr mystery- by C S Harris- 4
Plum spooky-by Janet Evanovich-- 4
Pawn of prophecy- by David Eddings- REREAD for the 5th time--+++ comfort book
Scarpetta-by Patricia Daniels Cornwell--3.5
Mrs. Malory and a time to die : a Sheila Malory mystery by Hazel Holt- 3
Fire and ice by Julie Garwood--1.5

*Jan 18-24, 2009
When gods die : a Sebastian St. Cyr mystery by C S Harris--3.5
The private patient by P D James--5
A matter of justice by Charles Todd-- 3.5

*Jan 25-31, 2009
A Christmas grace a novel by Anne Perry--4
A rule against murder by Louise Penny--5++
Under the radar by Fern Michaels- 3 (beach or airplane read)
Wolf to the slaughter- by Ruth Rendell-- 3