Monday, February 2, 2009

52 books in 52 weeks- Feb 2009

I read 18 books in January and I am aiming for at least 20 in Feb!
These are all reviewed at least briefly on my World Cat listings. Ratings below are from 1 (not recommended) to 5 (loved it)

*Feb 1-7

The lake of dead languages-by Carol Goodman--4
Mounting fears--by Stuart Woods-- 3.25
Fleece Navidad--by Maggie Sefton--2
The Listerdale mystery and eleven other stories- by Agatha Christie (audiobook)- 3
Show no fear--by Perri O'Shaughnessy -- 3
The seduction of water--by Carol Goodman-- 4.5
Queen of sorcery- by David Eddings - audiobook–4.5– this is a multiple re-read for me

*Feb 8-14

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