Tuesday, March 17, 2009

New author/old friend

I am up to 46 books by mid-March- so I will reach 52 this month. Stephen White is a new author to me and I like the 2 books I have read. And a comfort book this times as well from David Eddings fantasy series The Belgariad-I've read this one at least 10 times.

43) Dead Time by Stephen White- 3.75- new author-couple is psych and DA-and there is also the cop friend- a fairly common formula with some differences, including the setting in Boulder, CO
44) Secret Sins by Kate Charles- 4.5- more C of E murders-I especially liked the characters in this one.
45) Magician’s Gambit by David Eddings- audiobook-5– my comfort books- re-read for at least the 10th time
46) Dry Ice by Stephen White- 4.5- this one preceeds Dead Time and I wish I had read it first
47)Appointed to die by Kate Charles--4.5-- this time the C of E setting is even more self-contained-Malbury Cathedral- where a new dean radically upsets everything- new characters and old mix with David and Lucy

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Carol said...

Hi, this is Kate Charles - glad you like my books! There's a new one just out: 'Deep Waters'. I think it's the best one yet.