Monday, March 30, 2009

My first sock and up to book 54

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So I have completed 54 books through March 28 (aiming to get to 60 this month) and made my first sock!!! It's a teeny one but it has all the parts and helped me understand sock construction.

New books:
52) The Blue Corn Murders– by Nancy Pickard–4–a nice comforting mystery with strong women and interesting scenery
53) Odd Thomas - By Dean Koontz–4- my first book by Dean Koontz and I liked it
54) Execution Dock– by Anne Perry–4.5–the latest Monk book and excellent as always–as I read in a review “exquisite period detail” brilliant, page-turning thriller-I read it in one day- could not put it down.

55) Dexter in the dark by Jeffry P Lindsay- audiobook-4.5--just as good as the first one

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SusanB-knits said...

Cute little sock! Now you can move onto a big sock. I've been hooked on socks ever since I did a little sock to learn the construction. Welcome to the sock addiction!

About books, I use to read all of Dean Koontz but hadn't read any for years until this past Nov/Dec when I read "Odd Thomas." Great book!! I then had to read the next ones (which are also great by the way)