Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Although I am now correctly signed in, I still cannot send an IM to my 'buddy' even though I can walk to her desk and see that she is also signed in. We both show as offline to each other. I have the widget on my blog, but it serves no useful purpose as far as I can tell. However, I am still going to try until I can actually exchange a real IM on Meebo!

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funatthelibrary said...

I tried to leave you an off-line message on Meebo. You probably wont get it, but this is pretty much it.

In VA circ we had 3 staff phones and each supervisor had a phone. I always thought it was funny whenever someone called someone else in the department. I know shouting is bad in the library, but you didn't have to raise your voice very much to be heard across the department. And it wasn't far to walk. I know that had nothing to do with Meebo, the purpose is different, but it reminded of that and I thought it was amuseing. Good Luck!