Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Transforming Barbie to Emily Dickinson

This will be an interesting endeavor-I was at least able to get a brown-haired Barbie- but her eyes are violet (to be dealt with later). The look I am aiming for is something like this-Julie Andrews in the Belle of Amherst. Although Emily did overlap both corsets and bustles, we've decided she would have worn neither. However, I do want some substance to the skirt of the outfit, so I am starting by knitting a poofy ball gown in baby fingering from a Coats & Clarks Book No. 151- Doll wardrobe (c. 1964). I got the booklet at a library book sale for 10 cents (original price was only 29 cents). The only fingering yarn I have is baby yarn-white with flecks of green and pink. If it doesn't look okay under the dress I can give it away and get either white or oyster yarn to do it again. Right now I am not sure if it will be too bulky or bouffant anyway. Also- the pattern is knit straight and then seamed to the waist and then closed with snaps. If I re-do it for the final one, I'll probably do the skirt on 2 circulars so it doesn't need seaming. the skirt and neckline of the dress are lace and the rest is straight stockinette.

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